Cinematic FPV Drone Services

Lyfted Media is taking the First Person View (FPV) Cinema game a step further.

The first First Person View (FPV) drone videos were really about flying skills - either drone racing or freestyle flight, in which the captured video was incidental to the flight itself.  As FPV equipment evolved and piloting skills have improved, it's opened up endless possibilities for much more cinematic content, where the objective is to create highly entertaining visual content via camera-equipped FPV quads. Cinematic FPV content tends to be smoother and slower than technical freestyle flight, and the settings are chosen more for their visual attraction than for the technical flying skills they demand.

Lyfted Media offers a new way to get exciting shots not possible any other way. FPV racing and FPV drones has given us a new way to get intricate shots in tight spaces and even give us long-range high speed chasing capabilities. Possibilities are endless with FPV drones and Lyfted Media has now made them available in many markets in order to give directors, photographers, and the like even more tools to help tell their stories like never before.

Upwards of 65% of people are visual learners by nature.  That said, employing one of Lyfted Media’s  qualified and licensed pilots can give you, your team, and your clients the ability to see and comprehend project plans and progress with total transparency. On top of this, the Phantom 4 Pro drone shoots stunning 4K videos and 20-megapixel resolution photographs, helping your project come to life at every stage of development. 

The most beneficial aspect of aerial photography and video is the visual moments that are captured during an event.  No other mode of photography can produce the same results. If you want to showcase an event in stunning fashion to your target audience, Lyfted Media is available to provide aerial cinematography. 

Let’s talk more about our cinematic FPV drone services and how we can create something big for your next project!