Drone Services in Virginia Beach & Surrounding Hampton Roads 

Lyfted Media is a fully licensed and insured company providing drone services to individuals and businesses in and around the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area. Drones are the way of the future, and we are embracing this future head-on. 

Uses of Drones 

Drone photography does not have a one size fits all solution. This is why we work with you and the needs of your business to fully capture the details from start to finish. 

Here are just some of the ways our drone aerial photography serves the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads community: 

  • We take residential and commercial real estate photographs. Have you ever wondered how those amazing “from the air” photos are shot? Drone photography. We can capture every angle of a property, which is a sure way to get your property sold. 
  • Drones are great for construction monitorization. Having a construction project that gets behind schedule is bad for business, instead, stay on track with progress photos throughout the entire project. This way the project management team can know what is complete and what still needs to be done, at all times.
  • Get aerial surveillance of large hundred-acre properties. With drones, you can get data such as area, volume, and more. Great for planning and the creation of 3D models of the area. 
  • Civil and industrial engineering industries can use drones to ensure that proper procedures are being taken and that all buildings are up to code. 

The Benefits of Drone Services 

The possibilities are endless with our drone services. You can record live events from the air like concerts, parades, and more and stream them live. Show behind the scenes set up and details that can only be captured via the air. Not only will your guests and customers appreciate these top of the line photos and videos, but you can also use this content as great marketing material. 

No matter how you spin it, the utilization of drone technology in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads will result in more money in your pocket. It is truly an investment for any company or business. 

Large wedding venues can get never before seen photos of their acreage and event grounds. Engineers can see fine details of bridges, buildings, and more, which can alert them to any needed repairs. Why get a team of construction workers out to a building with all their equipment, just to inspect a building, when you can get a pristine and up-close view of it with one of our drones. The cost savings are just the beginning. 

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, then drone technology is the way to go. From the real estate industry to construction and engineering, and even to a live concert or sporting event, you can capture images that otherwise would not be possible. With Lyfted Media Drone Services, you don’t have to be a bird to get a birds-eye view. 

Drone Cinematography for Film & TV in VA

Now that the FAA allows commercial drone operations, consider adding spectacular aerial shots to your next production. With today’s need for high-end cinematography and the desire to capture dynamic images, Film and TV producers are turning to Lyfted Media. Our drones add a unique perspective to any production and are cost efficient. Improve your bottom line by avoiding the costly deployments of cranes and jibs.

Lyfted Media has developed extensive safety procedures. We will work with your production crews to insure full safety compliance on-set. Our drones are constantly maintained and are equipped with the latest safety technology.

Lyfted Media crews are top professionals in their fields. Our pilots and camera operators have logged hundreds of hours flying drones on production sets. Our crew will work with you to make sure you realize your vision for every shot.

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